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Rick, we would like to thank you for the excellent training you gave our dog, Bela. We took her out pheasant hunting today and she was flawless. At only 18 mos. old, she was as good as any dog we’ve ever hunted with. Based upon your reputation, we knew she would be getting the best training available when we chose your kennel, and we weren’t disappointed. We’re looking forward to continuing Bela’s training with you so that she can eventually receive her Master Hunter title.

Donald Berg & David Berg

Rick, Cuda did awesome... I couldn't be happier and more proud of him. The first drive was a wash because the cover was about 5 ft high and it seemed to confuse him. We got a couple birds out of that drive and I threw it for him a few times and got him to understand what we were looking for. I was then able to get him off on the side and away from all of the distraction. The first rooster that I shot he wasn't sure on, but I made him fetch it up and after that, he couldn't get to the birds fast enough. He quartered real nice and was on the spot when a bird went down. After that he retrieved every bird that I shot and a couple that the others shot. All in all it was a great hunt, I had more fun working with him than I did shooting birds.

The best compliment that I got was from the guide who has some pretty incredible dogs... he said to keep working with him because he is going to be a great dog. That is a direct reflection of you and the work that you put in with him, and I can't thank you enough for that.
A very happy customer to say the least...

Josh Nietz

Hey Rick, I just wanted to shoot you and email telling about the appreciation I have for your expertise in dog training Toddy.. Toddy is a completely different dog than he was a month ago and I am so happy that I found you to do the training.. Now if I can just learn to shoot we might be able to do something.

Besides Toddy learning so much and being great I really appreciate how you took the time to explain everything to me and answer any questions I had about dog training.. One month of watching you and your trainers work the dogs is better than reading any 300 page book or watching some DVD.. You really taught me how to handle the dog and get him use to proper commands and body language..

I have continued the drills now daily of the "Square pattern walking fetch" and holding for "Here" and "Heels" .. Along with smaller marks and started working that "back" drill today that you told me about at the Pheasant Fest and he caught on really quick.. This week now i will be releasing some Chukars again for him to keep him primed up for the Trials..

It so awesome now to have dog with such a good foundation.. It just seems like everything else will come a little easier..

As I mentioned before I use to train my own beagles and beagles for other people and I forgot how much I miss working with dogs.. This last month coming out to your place filled a void inside me that has been missing since I moved to Madison in 2002 and started my business. So the beginning of March I will give you a call on when is a good time to come out and start helping you guys train dogs again.. This is something I want to get into and in the future become a trainer.. I really want to see the force fetch from beginning to end... I now see how important that is in the hunting and trialing game..

I truely appreciate everything and I now know why you are called Perfect 10 Kennels..

Mike Vaughn

Hi Rick, Sunday went great, Lewi hunted very well - knew what he was looking for which surprised me a little since I thought most of the birds he had seen were pigeons. He retrieved well & held the bird until taken. The group was impressed with his performance as was I ---good job on your part. Joanne & I are VERY satisfied.

Mike & Joanne

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